Supporting The Indy


We understand that the tactile sensation of handling a book, reading in a calm and comfortable environment and chatting with knowledgeable advisors makes a difference in how you find, share and enjoy your reading time.

On The Books


When renovating Books and More we began refining the collection of books that had been accumulated in Dorothy Dickerson’s 17 years of serving this community. The result (we hope) is that you make Stirling Books & Brew your destination for the browsing, shopping, reading and ordering the titles you love and want.

Upcoming Events


Don’t think of Stirling Books & Brew as a bookstore. Think meeting place, chilling spot, study zone (or break), community center, concert venue and coffee cafe.

What’s Brewing


When we planned for the place Stirling Books & Brew could have in Albion, we knew we wanted to build on what Dorothy Dickerson had established, We wanted to broaden the existing offerings and refine others to make this more than just a bookstore.