On The Books

Oh my, the books we accumulate.

When we began the process of renovating Books and More, the quiet book store and coffee shop in downtown Albion, we realized there were a lot of books. A LOT of books, that had been accumulated in Dorothy Dickerson’s 17 years of serving this community. Some were purchased from book publishers for resale, others were from private collections and others yet were donated by Albion residents.

And if you’re a book lover (or know one) you know it nigh impossible to throw one away.

We’re in love with books. We love the feeling of a book in our hands and the immediate friend found in a good story. We realized, however, that some books appealed to the Albion (and Albion College) audience, and some were going to have to find readers elsewhere. Thus we began our Amazon sales for certain titles and sought out distribution beyond 119 North Superior.

The result (we hope) is that you find our offerings refreshing, enlivening, interesting and enriching enough to shop here for your reading pleasures, and encourage your friends and family to look to Stirling Books & Brew as your destination for the browsing, shopping, reading and ordering of the titles you love and want.

Come in, look around, get comfortable with a cup of coffee and a cozy spot. We would love nothing more than making sure we are your go-to-for your reading adventures.